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  LOW-E glass is a kind of coating flim glass with high  reflectance for Infrared wavelength  4 . 5 ~ 25 using film reflection far infrared ray to achieve the purpose of heat  insulation after coating Ag film and doped SnO in the glass surface.and has High visible light transmittance(natural lighting),low reflection (low light pollution),ultraviolet (uv) and near-infrared low transmittance (sunshade).

       Vacuum magnetron sputtering  low-E glass has the lowest radiation rate(0.08~0.15),can  reduce indoor heat loss effectively, so it is the best "lighting energy saving system". 

     low-e glass can also composite sun and control it, to be the  low  reflection  glass by conrtol sunshine 。On high quality float glass surface using Vacuum magnetron sputtering to coating one or moremetal or compound film,which refers to  the coated glass can reflected solar energy 。Make infrared effective is reflected sunlight(20~25%),Blocking heat energy into the car body(Thermal insulation>30%),reduce air conditioning load, and at the same time maintain good pervious to light quality(70~75%),Keep clear view

    APG in thin-film solar indusrty to provide target material basically has  :

Type Item Description purity process




 your require

99.95% Crouting sintering、CIP+sintering
TiOx 99.99%
Nb2Ox 99.99%



SiAl 99.99%
NiCr 99.99%
ZnAl 99.99%
ZnSn 99.99% CroutingSpraying


material Targets

Si 99.999% Crystal pullingSprayingsintering
Ti 99.99% Melting
Ag 99.99% Melting
Cr 99.8% Spraying、HIP
SS /  Melting

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